Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Compliment Bomb?

Imagine receiving a text message that says "You've been bombed by 25 friends!" With one tap on your phone or computer, you would then be able to read dozens of positive messages from friends and family expressing their appreciation, admiration, and gratitude for you!

Welcome to Compliment Bomb! A simple way to encourage others, spread smiles, and lift friends by sending an "explosion" of compliments.

When someone creates a bomb, they choose a Facebook friend that they want to build up or encourage. We then identity the recipients' mutual friends and invite as many of them as possible to post a compliment.

When the bomb is delivered, the recipient will be able to read dozens of statements of appreciation and respect. It's a very emotional experience to receive so much goodwill. Because the compliments are often anonymous, neither the recipient nor the compliment givers have to question their sincerity or feel any public, uncomfortable indebtedness to a specific friend.

We hope that in receiving praise and admiration, thousands of users will want to "pay it forward" and return the favor to their own friends. Together we'll all make the world a happier place.

Who can use Compliment Bomb?

Anyone on Facebook can use ComplimentBomb.com. You can only create a compliment bomb for someone who is a Facebook friend, so to create or receive a bomb you must be on Facebook. However, the recipient doesn't necessarily have to authorize the app through Facebook in order to read the compliments. We can also deliver a bomb to someone who provides an email address outside of Facebook.

Anyone who is invited by a friend through email can post compliments whether they are on Facebook or not.

Do you make automatic posts to my Facebook wall or timeline?

No, never. For a Compliment Bomb to work, we need as much help as possible contacting mutual friends and inviting them to participate. We give you the links to post or invite friends, but it is never automatic.

In fact, ComplimentBomb.com does not even show up in Facebook's automatic posts showing what apps friends are using. Others will know about your actions on ComplimentBomb.com only if you choose to tell them.

How long does it take?

It takes just a few seconds to type a compliment for a friend.

The creator of the compliment bomb, however, is responsible for previewing other friends' compliments and accepting or rejecting them. This takes a little more time.

Generally, someone creates a bomb at least 48-96 hours before they want it delivered. On rare occasions, such as if you have few mutual friends, it may take longer. The bomb creator decides how long to wait before delivering the bomb.

Are my comments confidential / anonymous?

Maybe. When you post a compliment, at least two other people have access to read it, the person it's intended for, and also the person that created the compliment bomb. Otherwise, you can choose to remain anonymous.

For best results, the person who creates the bomb is usually not anonymous, but can choose.

Also, depending on what you type in your post, the recipient may be able to figure out who you are. Some posters choose to reveal themselves outright in their posts, but this is not recommended.

The creator of the compliment bomb has editorial power to accept or reject any compliment before the recipient sees it. This person is a Facebook friend of the intended recipient, but since this person is usually anonymous, you should not post anything that the recipient would not want an anonymous friend to see.

After the recipient receives the compliment bomb, he or she has the option of making all posts available to the public, showing them only to Facebook friends, or hiding them from anyone but his- or herself.

Why do you need my email address?

ComplimentBomb.com allows you to create and deliver a gift or deliver compliments to a friend anonymously. Currently, since Facebook does not have a feature to allow anonymous comments, we need e-mail addresses as a means of contact outside of Facebook on behalf of someone else who wishes to remain anonymous.

Whenever possible, we use Facebook requests as a contact method. We contact you only with messages related to our services. We do not sell or give away your e-mail address. Also, you can disable any unwanted e-mail messages in your account settings.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to contribute an anonymous compliment to a friend.

Sometimes, the person who creates the bomb may have a tiny $1.00 USD (or 10 Facebook credits) charge, but only if nobody before them donated to the cause. If anyone before you uses our "pay it forward" feature, you may have no cost. We hope enough people "pay it forward" that most people can use ComplimentBomb.com for free. If you use your unused Facebook credits, no additional charge is neccessary.

We incur many expenses to maintain ComplimentBomb.com Facebook does not currently offer anonymous posts, so we maintain our own infrastructure to store comments, process emails, send text messages, authenticate recipients, and maintain privacy.

We'll adjust the price occasionally based on our costs. We're also experimenting with display ads to offset costs.

What does it mean to "pay it forward"

When you send a bomb you can also give the gift of paying it forward. If the sender prepays for the recipient, the recipient can then create a Compliment Bomb for one of their friends at no charge.

If you pay it forward to more than one person, others who your friend bombs or who participate by leaving compliments may also claim your free bombs, first come first serve. If a free bomb is not used within 7 days, it will be made available to others in the pool of friends.

We'll show you who uses your prepaid bombs and how many smiles you create just by purchasing a $1.00 gift. One gift can spread to literally thousands of people and make the world a happier place.